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thingsThisWeek #5

  • 😒 Little brother got married a couple of weeks ago, and now his wife had to leave, again. Making things a bit harder, tinyMovieStar grew to like her VERY much, and keeps talking about her. Wait until she finds out she won’t be able to play with her for a while… Oh! My brother is not that thrilled either.

  • 🐽 I’m now we’ll aware that I can’t visit certain sites. If the site is cute (love kawaii stuff!) and the service they provide is not expensive, I’m toast. This time? Porkbun! Cheap domains + cute pig? I now own maique.eu, my first .eu domain, and another one I didn’t really need. But the site reminded me, a little, of the fun I had when I briefly moved into HEY. Something boring gets a bit more exciting. And I was a little bored with DreamHost, even though I never had an issue with them. I went ahead and moved everything to the pig site! Smoothly. Following up on this I also moved {micro maique} to the new domain. Perfect.

  • πŸ₯° Internet love weekend. It started on Friday, when the amazing Adam from OMG.LOL sent me a message on Twitter, letting me know that he appreciated very much the kind words I had for the service, and decided to make my account a Lifetime account! For free! I’ve been so happy with the site, and very vocal about it (sorry about that!), but I was really surprised, and thrilled, to find out he had done such a generous thing. With it he also sent a few gift codes, and I already started giving them away. It’s a really nice, and very cheap, service, and I’m glad I have a few more giveaways in the near future. On Sunday, a day after I moved the domains to Porkbun, I got another message on Twitter, letting me know I could order some stickers from the shop, for free! It really was a nice weekend! Surprises like these are awesome. Random gestures of kindness, worth close to nothing in real money, but so valuable in so many ways.

  • πŸ’€ Weekends are also the death of us. After a long week, the weekend is no longer a time to relax. tinyMovieStar wakes up at the same time, gets a little frustrated when she finds out she’s not going to kindergarten, we try to provide entertainment, but that has a very limited success. After a little while she’s annoyed again. Toys, books, drawing, tv, food, nothing lasts for a long time. We end up having a couple of days of very intense, and long, hours. When Monday finally arrives, and I drop her off at school, I’ll start missing her immediately. But go straight to bed again, I have a few hours of sleep before the week starts.

  • πŸ₯° The love is spreading into the week, and got a nice coffee from Canion, early on Monday morning! Thank you, it was delicious! I’m always amazed, and very thankful, when someone decides to offer coffee. And I got a mention on Hemispheric Views! Wow!

  • πŸ‘ΆπŸ» tinyMovieStar has always been a very healthy baby (knock on wood), never once did we have to worry. That ended when she started going to kindergarten. It’s been a constant barrage of illnesses, thankfully not very serious ones. She’s had tummy issues, running nose, cough, almost every single day since she started there. For the past couple of days she’s been fine though, and we were thrilled. And this morning, Monday morning, we got two emails from them, warning us about kids who came down with something. Not cool, and we’re again concerned she might catch something. She spent most of the week with a nasty cough, and even got a little hot on Friday. That lasted for a few hours, but enough to get us scrambling.

  • πŸ“Ί Succession. It’s back. YAY. We waited soooo long for this one, and now we have to deal with the one-episode-a-week releases! Like we’re animals, back in the 90’s dark ages! Thankfully we still have a ton of Seinfeld episodes to keep us busy, and I’ll try, again, to get movieStar to watch Squid Game.

  • ~ tilde.club is a site (?) I found this week. Seems like a couple of people on M.b were there already. It’s very different from what we’re used to these days, and that’s what’s cool with it. I never had to use UNIX, or SSH into a server, but seems like fun. A page is already up there, but this one will take a while to explore.

  • πŸ™ŒπŸΌ We met an old friend of mine from high school on the way back from kindergarten. He was my closest friend at the time, and I hadn’t seen him in ages. We printed a fanzine back in the day, one that even helped our academic endeavours. His father also played a pretty important role in turning me into what I am today. He was a theatre critic, essayist and translator, and the first person I met that worked at the paper where I’d spend 20 years of my life. He had tons of books at their place, and would always have one ready for me, whenever I returned the one from the last visit. I always enjoyed reading, ever since I was very young, and he helped to keep that streak going at that special age when I could have easily found other things to do. My friend would turn into a DJ at one of the nicest places at the time, and did a lot of acting as well. We went our separate ways, but I always enjoy our random meetings. He’s been living down in the Algarve for almost a decade, and I found out he has a baby girl, one and a half years old. Just like tinyMovieStar!

  • πŸ˜‚ It would be a strange week if nothing happened on OMG.LOL, and this week something great was launched. We could already receive emails sent to username@omg.lol, and could set up DNS records to send from whatever@username.omg.lol but, this week, they partnered with Fastmail, and now we can send email from that address as well. It’s a cool integration, and free if you’re already a Fastmail subscriber. Took around half a minute to set up on my end, and I can now use maique@omg.lol! Much nicer than the old one. I love when companies that I use decide to these collaborations, and Fastmail is on a roll. A couple of weeks back they launched Masked Emails with 1Password, and now this! LOVE.

  • 😰 It was a long week. A LOOOOONG week. Here’s to a crazy weekend! Of course tinyMovieStar had something up her sleeve. The result? It’s 3AM and this weekly report is being published. 9 hours ahead of schedule!

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