I wanted an .eu domain for a while, since I live in the EU and find it nicer than a .pt one. Another cool thing about it is that “Eu” in Portuguese means “Me” so, for Portuguese speaking people, it’s kinda like having a .me URL…

And moving your home is always fun, right?

Anyway, Porkbun had very reasonable prices for these, so I got maique.eu, and decided to move {micro maique} to the new domain.
I expected things to take a while to settle, as DNS changes can be a pain. But, again, it was done in no time! Porkbun seems to have some sort of magical DNS dust, and Micro.blog was lightning fast as well. HTTPS took five minutes, and everything was working in under 10 minutes.

I dropped tinyMovieStar at kindergarten, came back and took care of the missing items: Updated the OMG.LOL page, Mastodon profile, Plausible, Updown, and the contact email on the about page. You can now reach me at hey@maique.eu, but the older one will keep working too.

I might be missing some other places. It’s one of the side effects of having our online presence scattered all over. I’ll deal with those when I find them.

And I guess that’s it. Welcome to the new place, it looks a LOT like the old one! 🤣