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thingsThisWeek #1

  • 🍺 Disappointment coming from the least expected place, our usual beer place was closed again on Monday. It’s the second time we find them skipping a day, but we probably missed a few more when they didn’t bother to open. They’re having trouble finding staff, but I also believe they are about to close for good. They are now running a second location, and this one seems to be about to go. No warning though, on social media (that they use extensively) or a simple sign at the door. That’s what really made me mad. It’s the lack of respect for patrons that has me looking elsewhere. Maybe I’ll just stop going out for beer and drink them at home.

  • 📺 Watched Tokyo Trial. Not because I really wanted to, but it was there, and looked ok enough. It’s… ok enough. Still on the To Watch List: the second season of Ted Lasso. I’ll have to sign up for Apple TV (or is it Apple TV+??) again, so we’re waiting for the whole thing to be available, and try to binge watch it.

  • 📺 While we wait for Ted, Fauda will do. I guess I needed a little action after the quietness of Tokyo Trial.

  • 📱 iOS 15. It’s been over a week now, and I still have to read the MacStories review, I still have to find out about a ton of new stuff this update brought. I was running the beta for a few weeks now, so I’m familiar with a few of the novelties. Back in the day I would even find a way to get a day off from work, so that I could watch the ??? And then spend the rest of the day trying things on the beta. I would be running Beta 1 as soon as it launched too. Not anymore. I just don’t care about it that much. My iPhone is never the latest model now, my laptop is old too, so a few of the new features are not even available to me. I wasn’t expecting Live Text to be one of those, for sure…

  • 🔑 I have a Yubikey coming. Surely I don’t need this sort of solution, but can’t hurt either. Still a little afraid it might be overkill and add a nuisance that I’ll find too much of a pain point, but GitHub had them for sale with the octocat stamped on them, and that’s something I can’t resist. Also, you can now build your own octocat! I’ll probably get back to this one in the future, as it’s been almost two weeks now, and still not here. The whole process of setting it up and figuring out how to use everything should be worth a post or two as well.

  • 🪑 IKEA. Ouch. I know there’s no escaping, at least every six months, but it’s still hard. We spent Tuesday morning there. At least this time both of us managed to go, while tinyMovieStar was having fun at the kindergarten, so I didn’t have to suffer through the whole thing alone. It always less painful this way. We came home with the things we needed and, as usual, a couple we didn’t. And a lovely orangutan for tinyMovieStar. Everything is already assembled, and that’s a win. Took a couple of days, but it’s done.

  • 📷 Got a couple of messages regarding work. Looking forward to see what comes out of this. Tomorrow I’m working. That’s great, even though it’s Sunday.

  • 🎙 I’ve added Hacked to my list of podcasts, after listening to a couple of episodes. It’s not as great as Darknet Diaries, but worth a listen if this subject interests you.

  • 📚 Still on This Is How They Tell Me the World Ends, by Nicole Perlroth. I’m not making a lot of progress, this was a busy week. Most days I’ll try to get some reading done when it’s time for bed, but the podcasts have replaced reading.

  • 👶🏻 tinyMovieStar is getting used to kindergarten. Friday was the first time she didn’t shed a tear when I dropped her off, she just looked a little sad. But no tears, and that’s great. It’s also getting easier for me, thanks for asking. No tears for me as well, but still hard.

  • ⏰ I’ll try to keep the weekly report going. I like the format, the longer post. Also gives me time to reflect on the week, and maybe edit the posts a bit. But it takes longer to write, and time is something hard to find on a Saturday, when I’d like to do it. I’ll try, that’s my promise.

  • 💡 I was inspired by @jamesvandyne, who in turn was inspired by @pyrmont, who got it from Paul Mucur.

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