New profile page at maique.OMG.LOL. What’s that all about?

Yesterday I was complaining about no new toys to play, because there is no time to play with them, and I found one that, on top of having just the right amount of things to play with, it’s useful.

One in a long list of profile pages, digital cards, bio links, whatever you’d like to call them, OMG.LOL has plenty of nice things going for it.

You can find free alternatives, you can even roll your own with a simple static page (and I did for a while), but OMG.LOL add a few nice things on top.

You control the DNS, you get email forwarding (and can even configure your email and send from you address), you can host a static page if a profile page doesn’t suit you, you can redirect your URL to anywhere you’d like, and the pricing is a cool USD5 a year. Not too much, in my opinion.

They have themes, but you can tweak the CSS of the one you pick to your liking, or create a new one. I did that, and was also able to get Plausible working with it in no time.

A few other things are also available, you can check them out at their help page.

One last thing: the support from the nice folks at neatnik was super fast yesterday. I noticed the icon for a M.b link wasn’t available, asked them for it, and it took them two minutes to get it working. Amazing.