Yesterday we had a long night. Turns out the core group of friends all decided to come down to the Algarve at the same time, we’re now scattered all over the south.

Two of them came over yesterday at sunset, carrying a ton of shellfish (I don’t eat shellfish, by the way), and we had a great time, eating, drinking, and talking.

Woke up late today, movieStar went to the pool and I overslept with the tiny one.

We then made our way to the border, and crossed over to Spain.
We can see it from the balcony, so why not? It was the first place movieStar went to when she was one year old, it seemed fitting we’d do the same with the baby.

We needed a bucket and assorted tools for the beach, and we needed lunch. We took care of both of those errands, and came back to our own country. Belly full of croquetas, calamares and Spanish beer.

We did keep a tradition of the Spaniards, and it was time for a siesta. It’s too hot outside, not good to be at the beach, and it feels amazing.

After waking up, we did visit the beach. Sea a little too choppy, enough to warrant a yellow flag, but it was great, and we had fun anyway. No swimming, but plenty of sand based entertainment.

Back home, dinner, and the little one is now ready to sleep.
Close to perfect.