I’ve been to this one a few times, but not recently. I came here a lot on assignment, but I can easily count the number of times I visited on my own. Not many. And not for a long time. It looks exactly the same.

It’s safe to say it’s not one of my favorites in the country, even though I don’t have a specific reason for disliking it. I just can’t find one to love it. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a meh town.

We picked it for our stop because it’s about halfway to our final destination, and we found a cosy, and decently priced, apartment to spend the night.

It’s home to the oldest university in the country (1290), and has a TON of young people around, as expected. But it still manages to feel dated. It always feels old, a little seedy, a little dirty. Sorry if anyone reading this was born here, but this is my honest opinion. Maybe I just never spent enough time to let the city grow on me.


We left home after lunch time, and slowly made our way north. The little one slept for a while, about an hour, and we thank her for that. We arrived mid afternoon, dropped everything (amazing the amount of stuff a toddler needs in order to travel!), and walked for a little. The apartment is located downtown, so it’s busy.

Stopped at a cafe to grab a bite, but had to leave in a rush because we were attacked by a gang of filthy pigeons. tinyMovieStar made a mess with her slice of bread, and the pigeons took that, as they do, as an invitation to mad behavior.
Walked back to our place.

We’re so tired, and the little one still refuses to sleep. She’s crazy about sleeping out, and that’s something both her parents can easily understand.

Ordered delivery, will be here soon. Hopefully we’ll get some sleep, tomorrow we have a longer drive to our final destination, movieStar needs a covid test before we’re allowed in the hotel, and I’ll spend the afternoon and night working. Long day.

📍 Coimbra