It’s Monday, so I guess another week is just beginning, yet it’s all the same for us. Plans for the next seven days include walking, strolling, going around, and promenading.

We started slower today, 5K in the morning, and picked up bread and pastéis de Nata along the way.

We went through the Estrela garden, a favorite, down to the Parliament, up to Chiado, and through the Bairro Alto. We stopped at Adamastor, a cool lookout point over the river.

It rained a little, making things a bit trickier. Holding the bags and the umbrella gets the number of available hands down to zero, and I really need to find a jacket that can cover tinyMovieStar’s legs and doesn’t become a sauna when it’s closed.

Temperatures are rising, but it’s humid, stuffy, and the rain keeps coming. My wardrobe is not as adequate as it should for these particular circumstances.