“The plane! The plane!”

I got the notification that the package was out for delivery a little after waking up, and it arrived when we were out on our walk. It’s here!

Some months ago, MANY months ago, @Gaby kindly offered to send a bracelet across the ocean, all the way from Boise to Lisbon. It was a very sweet and unexpected gesture, and I welcomed the offer.

Little did we know that it would take months, with the bracelets (yes, he sent two!!) making the trip three times!

The over zealous customs officers over here wanted their fee, even though they were not entitled to it, and the package was returned to Idaho. This took months! @Gaby tried again.

A few more weeks looking at Parcel, and today was the day!

When we got back from the morning walk I opened the postbox, and there they were!

Quick photos to document the unboxing (had to, right?) and they’re on our wrists already!

We’re thankful, very much so. A nice gesture, and a reminder that friends and community can come at any time, from anywhere. From Puerto Rico, to the US, to Portugal.

Lots of love!