A year ago I took advantage of an offer and registered maique.pt. It was free, and I do miss dearly the maique.com that I let expire, so why not?
I never did anything with it, didn’t think about it for months.

A whole year went by, and I got the renewal email from the registrar. Somehow I couldn’t let this one expire as well, so I renewed it.

It just redirects to my about page at Micro.blog, email is not set up, but it’s working. I’ll start using it in the profiles of my social media sites.

I never thought about getting a .pt domain before. I write almost exclusively in English for as long as I can remember, and it was always a hassle to register national domains. They’re also more expensive then a lot of others.

Somehow I was lured into it, and now I find it simple, and actually like looking at the pt at the end.