Breakfast taken care of, time to walk to the market.

Down the street until you get to the Parliament, through the old Madragoa neighborhood, walk by the French embassy, with all the modern brunch cafes, and we arrived.

The market is located in a yard in front of a church close to the embassy, and has around 20 small stalls selling all kinds of things: bread, Italian cheese, fruits vegetables, Brazilian cheese bread, flowers, pastry and savory snacks. And the spice guys!

Temperature is measured at the entrance, and lemongrass scented gel (also sold inside) is provided to sanitize your hands. Very nice.

The patrons are a mix of expats (there’s an incredible number of French people living in the city) and local hipsters.

We met a couple of friends and their daughter, three months older than tinyMovieStar. Her mother is movieStar’s oldest friend, back from when they were toddlers. Now they both had children at the same time.

And the spicy sauces! We got them! Haven’t tried them yet, but I’m betting on them being amazing!

It was time to leave, run home, go get my brother, get the baby into the new (front facing) car chair, and drive to my parents for lunch.

Already tired, and it’s not even lunch time.