We were about to have breakfast when the phone rang. Delivery incoming.

We have some very dear friends in a town up north, as north as the country goes. It’s called Chaves, and our friends have a music festival going on over there. Or had, before covid, and will, after this whole mess is done. Anyway, they are the best.

The food there is also amazing, and there are some things you can find elsewhere, but are not as good as the local ones. So they sent a box with treats yesterday, and was delivered just in time for breakfast today.

We almost cried, we were so happy.

And off we went for our morning walk.

One of the perks of living in a town this cosy, and on the center of it for so long, is that we’re always meeting friends on our walks. Today was no different.

When we made our stop at the French bakery, to get the usual baguette that keeps tinyMovieStar entertained for a while, and mom & dad happy when we eat it later, we met Tiago. He was making his way home from the butcher, we tagged along for a little while. Happy!

We’re also meeting him tomorrow, for what I expect will be a cool morning (will report for sure).

Soon enough we were on our own again, up and down the familiar streets, and our legs took us to the movie place where the nice gentleman said we could have the posters for movieStar. He saw us going by and said we could pick them up next week! Happy!

The weather is great today, warm, sunny, we went through our second garden of the day. The little one loves yanking leaves from the trees, and it’s so much easier to do when they’re dry.
Sorry, trees.