Taking advantage of the newfound freedom, our Saturday had a twist.

After the usual walk to the Farmer’s Market at our local garden, and the visit to Grandma & Grandpa’s place for lunch, we decided to drive to the sea on our way home.

The Marginal is one of the nicest roads in the area, and we haven’t been able to drive there because we were not allowed to go past the city limits for months. Now we can, so we did.

There weather was crazy: torrential rain for two minutes, then blazing sunshine. Back to rain, and the sun would shine again.

tinyMovieStar slept all the way to the beach, and woke up just before we were parking. She was VERY surprised to see the ocean when she woke up, I guess she was expecting the familiar home. Not today!

We drove so slow it took us three hours to get there and back, triple what it would take on a regular day, at the usual speed.

I was knackered when we got home. movieStar took the baby for her afternoon walk, I stayed behind on the sofa. Thank you, movieStar.