Trying not to upset the little one too much, I didn’t think too much about different places, and we did one of our regular loops this morning.

Down to the Parliament, on to the river, along it until we reach Praça do Comércio, Rua Augusta, up the Chiado hill, through the Bairro Alto, and Príncipe Real. It’s a nice walk, and one I recommend for someone visiting the city. Plenty of nice things to see.

You can definitely tell the lockdown has been lifted. You can even spot the odd tourist already. That was fast!

movieStar had a great idea before we left home, and we stopped at a French bakery and got a baguette. The little one loves bread and, sure enough, that kept her entertained. She spent the whole time looking around, slowly munching away while sightseeing.

For a couple of hours she forgot her teething issues.

Good times.