We’d seen the poster all over the place, at Bairro Alto. movieStar loved it.

The Woman Who Ran, by Sang-soo Hong.

Would I be able to get it for her ? I had to try.

Luckily it’s showing, will be, at a local theater, one we walk by every day.

It’s closed now (another covid side-effect), but there was someone inside. I gestured and the gentleman came out. I inquired about the possibility of getting one, and he said there were none left, he was sorry. I told him movieStar loved it so much, I had to try, and thanks anyway.

He was lovely, and promised we would save one for me when they were done. In fact he promised to save the whole collection, they are showing four movies of the same author!

We have a saying here: “Quem tem boca vai a Roma”, roughly translates as “If you have a mouth you can go to Rome”. Today that came true. We’re going to Rome, or Korea. By now it doesn’t even matter, I’m willing to just go ๐Ÿ˜Š