Today @burk wrote a post about a project he thought of, one that is a brilliant idea.

See for yourself: 1000 Words

“Hell, yeah, I’m in!” was my first thought (and second!). I waited until I had some time to go through the archive and find a suitable photo.

Guess what? Seems like I’m a fan of having text on my photos or, better, have photos of text.

Finding photos of single words proved trickier, but still a few after a thorough search. Are expressions allowed ?

Of course I had to turn this into a photo heavy post, sorry about the loading time.

I will pick one to upload and take part of the cool project Jason came up with, as some of them don’t seem to tick (“check” for you, @jean 😉) all the boxes.

We spoke about this before, when we were in the middle of the Photoblogging Challenges, but I was reminded again: during all these years I’ve photographed a LOT of different things! It’s natural, but still surprising when I go through the photos.