Spring is finally here. International Day of Forests too and, since tinyMovieStar is already a big fan of trees (mainly the leaves part), we took her to the park.

The day didn’t start at the park, though.

The morning walk radius has expanded again, this time we all went as far as the Cathedral. It used to be near impossible to visit, always so crowded.

The tiny place was always packed with tourists, their buses, tuk-tuks and people selling all sorts of stuff to the masses. Today it was close to silent, and much more enjoyable. The way there was also brilliant, taking us through streets we hadn’t visited in a while.

We then walked back home, and the little one had prepared a huge surprise for us: a few more steps! This time it seems she’s enjoying the exercise, and plans to stick to it. It is amazing. She stumbles towards us, struggling with her balance, practically falling over, and yet a HUGE grin on her face. She’s so so proud of it. And we are too.

After lunch and nap we left for the park, again, where she’d walk a bit more and played with dogs.
She is still, thankfully, not afraid of any dog, regardless of size. It’s great watching her interact with them.

We met the most amazingly well trained dog, Oscar, complete with dapper human, and a Louis Vuitton leash! The gentleman quietly asked Oscar to sit by tinyMovieStar’s side, and he did. She proceeded to pet him vigorously. A minuscule Boxer Terrier was next in line, feistier, and not interested in playing with her. He had eyes for the ball only. Not to worry, we were soon joined by a baby boxer, and this one really enjoyed licking Clara’s face!

Throughout the whole day, amazing weather. Not too hot, not too cold, just about perfect. A balmy 20 degrees, and amazing blue skies.

It was a good day.