Morning Walk with dark grey skies. No raign. Long, no photos, it was a mild one.

After lunch we watched a live on Instagram, episode two of a series movieStar is producing for her company. Sustainable travel, post-pandemic tourism, the island….

If anyone wants to take a look, you can find them here. Mind you, it’s Instagram, so some might give this one a pass.

Anyway, shortly after that it was time for the afternoon session, and we were greeted by the kind of light people usually associate with the city. It was glorious!

The number of people on the street seems to be steadily growing, but still far from crowded. A lot of construction workers on their way to the main square, looking for a bus or the subway for their commute home. There’s a LOT of construction and renovation going on.

On our final stretch, almost home, we went around the block once more, it was too good outside.