Dentist days are equivalent to party days. Whenever we have an appointment, we’re giddy with anticipation. It means getting in the car (tinyMovieStar still not a huge fan of that) and driving to the other side of the river, over the glorious Vasco da Gama bridge, the river so wide at that point it looks like the sea.

We drive for close to an hour, slowly, enjoying the view, enjoying the feeling of being in a car, moving, windows open, the wind getting inside and travelling with us.

The destination is not the nicest looking, there’s nothing there besides our cousin, the dentist. We don’t care.
Some people say the destination is not the point, the path is. I agree with it sometimes, others I don’t.
But this saying is spot on on Dentist Day.

No photos of the trip, sorry, we we’re really enjoying it. Just these two. My last selfie before turning the half century mark, and another one, already back in town.