Just like that, another week is about to start.
I expect it to be a lot like the one that’s ending today.

I did manage to get the sticker spotter thing off the ground but, other than that, it was basically me being tinyMovieStar’s Uber, and a lot of cleaning. Not complaining, but I’m missing some things.

Today, thankfully, was Sunday and that means we have movieStar with us on the walk. That’s one of the things I miss the most, walking with her. Anywhere, it doesn’t matter, just walking and talking.
As she had missed our walk down to the river, she wanted to go there today. We want her to be happy, so we aimed for the river.

The streets were crowded! Not as before-the-plague crowded, but I don’t remember this many people out at the same time.
It’s Sunday, infection and death numbers have been going down for a couple of weeks now, I should be expecting that. Still feels very odd.

Two and a half hours into the walk the little one fell asleep. It was magical. She never does that anymore, ever since she facing forward on the sling.

Back home, we ordered some food, a couple of pints from the local Ben&Jerry’s, and we were set for the afternoon. A bit of Netflixing and soon it was time to get started with dinner.

It was a great Sunday.