Even though we had our church wedding a couple of weeks later, today marks the day when we got married at the Embassy in São Tomé.
Today, as far as the state goes, is the date when we stopped being single.

We had flown over to the big island two days earlier, and stayed at a friends place in the middle of the jungle.

There was a huge storm during the night, landslides had covered part of the road to the city. Our friends were worried the roads could be blocked later on, so we got dressed, had a quick breakfast, I had a beer (yes, nervous), and we made our way to the city, and the embassy.

We got married. And cried.

Quick stop at the hotel for a pizza and a dip in the pool. Off to the airport, short flight over to the small island, got on the back of a passing pickup truck, and soon we were home.

I was the happiest man on earth.

I am the happiest man on earth.