Taking advantage of the collective knowledge of the community, here I am again, thinking out loud, looking for a way to get a project off the ground. Thank you in advance for your thoughts on this one.

It’s been talked about before, and I even took part of the discussion, but here I find myself again.

For a while now I’ve been a fan of sticker art. Not a die hard fan, but I enjoy a good sticker on a wall, or whatever they might end up.

I’d like to get a site going. It would be a grid, with photos of stickers. We live in an area with a ton of them, so why not ?

The requirements for this are:

  • Easy to update
  • As cheap as possible
  • Own domain would be nice

One of the accounts I follow on Twitter, for reference, is Shibuya Sticker Project(https://twitter.com/ProjectShibuya/). They have a site with Cardd(https://shibuyastickerproject.crd.co/). My site, not very original I know, would follow the same model. Instead of Shibuya, the world!

Not sure how long I’ll keep it alive. These won’t be proper photos, just documenting the stickers, the photos have no value beyond that. That’s one of the reasons I’d like to keep them separate from other stuff.

I’m not a Carrd user, or find it too appealing. This isn’t based on anything, just a feeling. They do have a cheap plan for custom domains and what not.

Thought about Tumblr, but I have the feeling my Tumblr days are gone. Custom domains are easy, on the other hand, and it’s cheap. Posting would also be a no frills experience.

Wordpress would be another option, with custom domain available for a price (haven’t even checked how much yet).

Snap.as, a part of Write.as, could also be used for this, but I’m not sure if paying for their Pro account just for this one would be a great idea.

My first thought is to get another Micro.blog added to my account, but I’m not certain it’s worth the extra money just for this project, that I might keep alive for a couple of months. Would also have to struggle a bit to find a suitable theme. Sunlit would work for this.

I could, of course, post them here, add a tag to them, and set up a page with that tag. But not sure about spamming people with sticker photos…

Thought about setting up a page on the site that’s hosted on Adobe, but updating it would be a pain!

A Flickr album wouldn’t cut it, same goes for SmugMug.

What other ways of doing this do I have ?

As far as ease of set up, and quick and easy posting, Instagram would be great. But I don’t want to do it there. I do like that kind of workflow: take a photo, post a photo. Quick. I don’t need titles, tags, just a photo.

This would probably be my most wanted feature: frictionless posting.

What other platforms could I look into ?