Or should I just say “regular” ?

All days seem longer, yet somehow shorter, and the normal is now odd.

We walked our usual walk. We came upon a couple of gentlemen from a construction site (there’s a LOT of that going on, by the way), when they were standing outside a Pastelaria, asking about sandwiches. One of them, the one inquiring about the food, had the thickest northern accent I’ve heard in a while, and it made me miss going up north a lot.

A few steps before we were walking by a wall filled with street art, and I tried explaining about Georgetown to tinyMovieStar. She endured it for a while, and then moved on to something else.

Yesterday a DB Schenker truck drove by, and I missed being somewhere where I don’t fully grasp the language, where I’m not sure if what I’m ordering for dinner is delicious.

Maybe I’m finally missing it all.

Thankfully Nuno came over today, and took care of the bike. She was parked for a year now, and movieStar and Nuno had joined efforts to shame me into picking her up and riding her home.
And we did.
He forgot about the pump for the tires, so she was practically un-ridable, but it was damn fun to do it anyway.
I also missed riding her for hours.