Morning spent waiting for the package, and also trying to get a present for mom. Surprisingly some shops now open at noon (!), and I simply don’t get it. Dead in the center of the city, one of the places where tourists and locals are abundant. I would expect shopkeepers to do everything imaginable to keep money coming in, and opening at that time is baffling. Then again, I’m not a business oriented person, so I might be missing the point.

Lunch with parents and brother, a bit later because we had to wait for that shop to open. My parents are crazy in love with tinyMovieStar, and enjoy having her around as much as possible. We send them daily photo updates, and a few videos, but seeing her tops all that.

Mid-afternoon quickly arrived and it was time to get back home to help a friend editing some photos for a show and book he’s working on. Amazing work, as usual with this one. We had beer, of course.