Today’s schedule was dictated by the delivery companies, as we can’t leave the house when something is being delivered.

I took care of the morning walk, movieStar at home waiting for the packages, which did not arrive until well after lunch.

Following a tip from @helgeg we then watched an episode of Chef’s Table, the one about Ivan Ramen. It was really cool and we enjoyed it a lot. I still have most of the book to go through, but the experience has improved by watching the man on the show.

When everything was delivered we left the house for a walk, and were joined by a friend who has a woodworking studio in the area. We ended up visiting, and stayed there for a while.

We got back home, ready to start cooking dinner, I felt extra tired. In my mind, with the morning walk closer to home, and the shorter one in the afternoon, there was no reason for that. I had already forgotten the one I had walking back with the package in my hands! It turns out I walked a very respectable 10K.

tinyMovieStar is getting heavier. My lower back noticed.