Today was a long day. A very long, yet happy, day.

tinyMovieStar woke up too early and, strangely, didn’t fall asleep after a light snack.

We needed coffee, again, and I needed a new kitchen knife, so off we went. Time for our morning walk.

It was so early we had to wait in the street until opening hours. We got the coffee, but couldn’t find the knife, Pollux failed me for the first time in my life!

We came back home just in time for the next assignment. My father-in-law was picking us up for lunch and a visit to their new home.

We went to Cascais, a quick ride, and had a wonderful meal in their new place, a smaller house, but nice all the same. Both movieStar’s brothers were also there, so family lunch it was.

Ordered the knife online while having coffee after we ate, and got the shipped notice an hour later! Wow for that too. See you, Pollux!

Still time to visit one of the brother-in-law’s new place. Also a lovely house, also in Cascais. The whole family loves that city.

Next up: pick up our car, the one that’s been staying with them for four years. We don’t really need a car in town, but they have no use for it anymore, so it’s time to get it back in town.

On the way home we drove it to another friend’s place, picked up a few second hand clothes for tinyMovieStar, talked a bit, and then slowly made our way back to the city.

There’s was an accident on the highway, so the ride back took way longer than we had hoped, but still made it in time for a beer with a group of Italian friends, and a ramen dinner with our closest Portuguese ones.

TLDR: we have our car back in town, after a trip to another town. Visited a ton of people. Had beer and ramen. Happy.