I’m not one to enjoy shopping. I don’t shop for clothes until my shirts are quitting on me. I always get the same brand of boots. Trousers are almost always the brand and model I’ve been wearing for decades. Whenever I find something I like, you can bet I’ll order again. And again.

But there’s one shop in town I love: Pollux. The name alone is enough to get a smile out of me.

It’s been on the same place for decades, and it used to be the only decent place in town to get everything you need for your home. The name sounded from the future back in the 80s, and, somewhat predictably, sounds a bit vintage today. Pollux.

Today you can find the same things in shops all over town, and online, but going there feels like going into a time machine, while still getting modern items. The place kept it’s old school vibe, the people there as well (even the younger ones!), but the seven floors are still filled with everything you might desire.

Today we got the Brabantia bags, the Brita filters, a couple of jars, a new kitchen knife I needed and a bread one for my mother.

The longer I spend there, the bigger the shopping bag has to be.

Oh! And we forgot our shopping bag at home, so I got one of theirs, a reusable one. If hipsters find out they have them at Pollux, they’ll stop using their usual tote bags, and get one of these. Ironically, of course.