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The River

We finally made it to the river! It’s not far, but we’ve been stretching the walks a bit every day, figuring out how far we can go before the little one grows restless, or hot, or hungry.

And today we did it!

On the way down we went though São Paulo, the huge EDP building, Mercado da Ribeira, and Cais do Sodré.

Sadly we picked the worst time, the sun was blazing and no shadows to hide, so the river stop (there’s little shade in the area) was a short one.

There’s a lot of construction going on all around, and we still found a few tourists, as all these spots are mandatory when they visit the city.

Some of the restaurants are still closed, but the Time Out Market seems to be doing ok. Our favorite bifana place, however, seems to have gone out of business.

And back up the hill, Camões, Adamastor, and we were close to home again. Just down one hill and Up another. Everything here is up and down hills!

Quick pit stop to feed tinyMovieStar, and the final stretch home.

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