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Best coffee ever

Talking with @helgeg I was reminded of the best cup of coffee I’ve had in my life.

And also how sometimes I forget the little things that are, in fact, huge privileges that I was lucky to experience.

The gentleman in the photo is Claudio Corallo, a master chocolatier and expert coffee grower. To us he is just Claudio. He lives and works in Príncipe, and we were lucky to share a few cups of coffee with him, along with other amazing things he produces, and a few words of wisdom as well.

My wife met him ages ago, and I was fortunate to have been introduced and accepted in. We would visit Claudio from time to time at his beautiful home, and spend a little time listening to stories about his very full and exciting life (there’s a film in there, I’m sure, the Wikipedia article reads like a script).

Being unable to travel to the island at the moment I usually miss our family there, or the beaches, or the end of the afternoons drinking beer and talking to friends, or the usual things one misses in a place one loves. But today I’m missing the coffee Claudio makes in a little stove in his kitchen.

I’ve never had a better cup.

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