A few weeks ago i was seriously considering taking the x100s as the only camera on an assignment. That got me thinking, a bit more, and I got the xpro1. That’s that.

Amazing views, very poor timing for our visit

And… I did get to spend a couple of days in Luxembourg last week, courtesy of the nice people at easyjet and the Luxembourg Tourist Office. Took the chance to try out the new (as in new-in-my-hands) Fuji x-Pro1. I knew, from the moment i handled it the first time, that we were going to get along just fine. But I was still afraid to leave the 5dmkii behind.
I can tell you i’m not afraid. Not anymore.

shinnyArmour, at Vianden Castle

Carrying the bag out the door feels really good, knowing that you’re carrying a full set of lenses, and the weight isn’t making you think if you should reconsider the packed goods, and maybe leave some stuff behind. Most of the lenses, by the way, would get little use. I’m ready to announce that I’m in love with the 23/1.4 and, as soon as I shot the first frame with it, I knew I was set.

Most of the trip was shot with it, and I found it perfect for the kind of thing we were doing, walking and walking some more, getting in and out of castles, bus ride, shops, churches and markets, hotels and restaurants, with very limited time on each stop. No time to look around for too long, just pick something and shoot. The lens came through all day long, on dark places, darker places, and places with no light at all. It was really a joy to see how well it performed on those conditions.

We were not that lucky with the weather, but that was cool too, I can now tell you the camera operates nicely around the zero mark on thermometers. Battery life, though, sucks biiiiiiiig time. I cannot remember the last time I had to change batteries midday with the Canon, but this Fuji thingy needs a lot of feeding, two batteries a day for the kind of days I was having. I do rely on the electronic viewfinder a lot, but still… I’m getting a third battery before the next trip.

Other than that, a problem easily solved, I’ll take some serious assignment to make me dust off the Canon. I’m a happy photographer.