👾 One of Mr Djoul’s aliens…

    An alien from Mr Djoul. Blue, with reddish eyes.

    👾 Wonderful piece by Frederico Draw + ErgoBandits, at the Cape Verde Cultural Center.

    Street art piece, a huge mural by Frederico Draw + ErgoBandits, depicting a group of Cape Verdean women musicians.

    Seen from the Chinese shop where we were buying a Pikachu hat, with moving ears, and light show.

    Yeah, somebody is getting that for Christmas!

    Today, hopefully.

    Street art on the streets of London showing Boris Johnson as a clown.

    Street Artist

    Good Morning, Setúbal!

    Nice to see you again, it’s been a while.

    Crypto Piggy Bank

    New mural next to Mom&Dad.

    👾 🐷

    Happy McKid.


    Another one for the street art collection…

    👾 🇻🇳

    Leftover from Burgau, that bus stop…

    👾 🚌

    Street Art also available in Lagos…

    👾 ☀️

    On a wall far far away…

    👾 🇲🇾

    Next time I’ll follow Brian’s advice and switch from coffee to one of whatever this is…

    👾 🇹🇭

    One love.

    👾 🇹🇭

    Anyway, here’s to the little ones, wherever they may be…

    👾 🇲🇽

    Great weather for a bike ride..

    👾 🇸🇬

    Late night.

    👾 🇲🇽

    Vibrant urban scene. Or not. No gas powered vehicles on the island, so the taxis also look extra nice.

    👾 🇲🇽

    With movieStar helping out with the modeling, last one of this series in Georgetown.

    👾 🇲🇾

    We’re rowing, and rowing…

    👾 🇲🇾

    Here you go, @gabz, the bicycle one…

    👾 🇲🇾

    I could also go for a ride, but have no clue how the bike is doing. Haven’t seen her in months.

    👾 🇲🇾

    The fisherman.

    👾 🇲🇽

    After lunch, still digging through the street art. The Fan Lady.

    👾 🇸🇬

    Girls still asleep, me lying on the couch, spamming everyone with street art. Sorry about that…

    Another great place to see some art is Holbox, Mexico. A closer version of this one was also my wallpaper for a (long) while.

    👾 🇲🇽

    I used this one as a wallpaper for the iPhone for a while. Still love it.

    👾 🇯🇵

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