thingsThisWeek #32

    a toddler standing on a stool, shot from behind

    • 🎄 There’s no other way to start the weekly report: Christmas preparations are very much ongoing! movieStar’s parents are going full force, we went out foraging for pine cones (fireplace needs them), and moss. It’s a yearly event. Christmas villages need moss, of course, and there is only one place where it can come from: the top of the closest mountain. So, off we wen… Oh! No, not really, we didn’t! World Cup day, so no one goes out into the fields looking for pine cones and moss. Also, we lost, so no more World Cup for us. Sad about the moss, don’t care about the rest.

    • 🇲🇦 Congratulations, Morocco. Well done.

    • 🍪 We tried baking something while at my in-laws. I’ll start by saying both of them are great cooks, and my mother-in-law is a great baker as well. On the other hand, my father-in-law has a LOT of trouble following the most basic of recipes, he loves to improvise, driving us mad while he’s doing it. He can get away with a lot while cooking, but baking is not that forgiving. We ended up with something not even remotely similar to our goal and, while trying to fix it, he managed to burn the whole batch. It was hilarious! tinyMovieStar, her mom, and her mom got together, and saved the day with an incredible oven full of cookies, and other delicious treats. That leads us to…

    • 🐻 The Bear. Again. movieStar missed it when I first saw it, but the way I talked about the show made her want to watch it. So we did. She loved it, I enjoyed it again, and now this one is on our “We Watched it Together” list.

    • 🤣 tinyMovieStar, and the sense of humor she’s developing. It’s just the best. The way she talks back, the looks she now throws our way, everything about this little girl is incredible. The other day we were picking her up from kindergarten, and her teacher told us “Today at lunch time I can tell with absolute certainty she was making fun of me”. Yeah. We know.

    • 📷 Out for an assignment for the paper on Monday, and again on Thursday. Never knowing when I’m working can be a little stressful, even though I’m ok most of the time. It does feel good to get out of the house once in a while, and do what I’m trained to do, instead of the stuff I’m shooting these days. The second day included a long drive there and back, with no colleague tagging along, plenty of time to catch up on podcasts that were on the list. The photos are very much unremarkable, and was feeling pretty sick the whole time, but still great to be out and about.

    • 💻 The weblog feature of keeps evolving, and it’s pretty stable already. I have tweaked the css a bit, and my page is up. Still have no clue if/how I’ll use it for. I’d like the homepage to pull quotes from my quote bot, but I’m doing it manually for now, until I figure out if there is a way to automate it. Predictably, I wanted a domain to go with it, and tinyMovieStar was the one that came up with it! So, for better or worse,… lives!

    • 📺 The White Lotus. So many were mentioning it, we started watching this one as well. One episode so far. Meh.

    • 🛶 The rain won’t stop, and the city is a mess. We’re safe, but a lot are not. People have their homes flooded, others are unable to enter the city for work, and chaos is everywhere. According to the experts this has been the worst day in recorded history as far as rain is concerned. It has never rained this much in the city. If this was a few years ago, I’d be all over the place, shooting like a mad man. This time around, I almost feel no desire to go look at how things are. Maybe my journalistic instinct is slowly dying. I just want to stay home with the movieStars, and watch the news unfold from a distance.

    • 🧑🏻‍💻 One of the consequences of the weather was our home internet access going down for over 24 hours. Minor issue when compared to what others were, and are, going through, sure, but a nuisance. Especially when we’re asked to work from home, when schools have limited staff, and work still has to be done. Our provider acted miserably during this whole process, so we’re planning a move. A few perks if we do as well, so sounds like a sure thing. Did not want to deal with it during the holiday season, but…

    • 🤒 Throat, muscle pain, and headaches (mild ones). Also something on the eyes. Still baffled by how frequently I’m sick these days. Friday, still going.

    • 🎨 Tattoo Day! Again! After over two years without an idea, or a tattoo, I’m on a roll! After getting my bandaid tattoo, I got another one this week. There was no way to miss this one, as my best friend was having one, and I’m the one who helped set things up. So, he did it. And I did as well.

    Back from a very quick supplies run, and time for another random photo.

    Morocco, kids playing football without a care. As it should be.

    Two kids play football into the night, light from a very feeble lamp coming from above.

    🇲🇦 ⚽️

    Drink Up!

    One of the things I enjoy when traveling: trying new things.

    Sometimes it’s great, others not so much. Always a surprise.


    Working Hard

    No other way to do it.

    🇲🇦 🔨

    Twister and the Shadow

    A fun afternoon at the fairground. Seems like a dream now.

    🇲🇦 🌪


    The Patisserie des Princes. A place I found on the first trip, and try to visit every time I go back.

    Lost a bit of the original oomph, but memories are worth something too.

    🇲🇦 🧁

    The Other Side

    Same country, different reality.
    “Influencing” on the influencer’s garden.


    Down South

    Things are pretty cool all over, but the south is a notch above the rest of the country.

    Go south, go south!
    🇲🇦 🚲

    Just Go!

    Done with the dropping at kindergarten bit.

    Now dreaming of nice weather and endless roads.

    Speeding Along

    Never stop.


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