🇲🇽 When Chaves takes you back to Mexico…

    “Saída” (way out) painted on a wall.

    “Entrada” (way in) painted, twice, on a wall.

    🇲🇽 Ready to Party!

    Two women in traditional Mexican dresses sit in chairs, in what looks like a party.

    #photography #mexico

    The poll has ended, random photos it is…

    Mexico was a trip of discovery. Much more, and very different, than I expected.

    A woman looks out for incoming traffic before crossing the road. Behind her a green wall with a sign that reads “Sensacion”

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    We had a wonderful lunch.
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    Can’t Wait

    Can’t wait to be somewhere different with movieStar in one hand, and the phone on the other, shooting something I’ve never seen before.

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    Memory Moments

    Today’s throwback takes us to the lagoon at Bacalar, Mexico. Lovely place.

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    I’ll sloooooooowly make it there….

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    Anyway, here’s to the little ones, wherever they may be…

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    Late night.

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    Vibrant urban scene. Or not. No gas powered vehicles on the island, so the taxis also look extra nice.

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    The fisherman.

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    Girls still asleep, me lying on the couch, spamming everyone with street art. Sorry about that…

    Another great place to see some art is Holbox, Mexico. A closer version of this one was also my wallpaper for a (long) while.

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    Favorite color.

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    One thing I miss, a lot, is driving for hours in unknown roads…

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    movieStar. I will follow her to the end of the world.

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    When we were back at that special yellow place.

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    I could have a margarita (or two) right about… now.

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