🇲🇴 As the rain keeps falling down today, I asked the timeMachine to pick a sunny day from the past. Macau is what came up…

    A woman walks across a street, shielding her eyes from the sun. Yellow building in the back.

    Macanese Beach Day

    Not the most inviting water, or sand, or weather.

    A person stands close to the water with a blue umbrella. The sand on the beach is black.

    You get what you can, I guess.

    🇲🇴 🏖️

    Speaking about Townscaper reminded me of this one…

    Back in Macau, looking up.

    Yup, Two!

    Would go back in a heartbeat, even though it’s not first in line, or second. But had an amazing time with my brother there, and that was the last time I travelled with him.

    Macau Memories

    With time on our hands until tinyMovieStar has to be picked up, I’m back posting on bSides.

    Maybe I even have time for two!

    Light Them Up

    Time to go. See you tomorrow.


    Back to Macau, this time without an umbrella. I’m not done yet, just taking a break 😊

    The umbrellas will be back!

    🇲🇴 🛒

    Yes, Still…

    You didn’t think we were done with the umbrellas, did you ?

    Totoro lovers, unite!


    Me. Today.

    energyLevel = -35

    Thankfully we’re not allowed to go out and sit at restaurants, or this would probably be my current situation.


    One More

    The endless collection. Scrolling down my Lightroom library, I remembered I had this one going on.

    More here.


    Number 1

    Back at it, with a couple more from the umbrella season.

    Busy days, with tinyMovieStar.


    Pick One, Only One

    Not much else to do but going to bed.
    I don’t think I’ll manage to finish this episode of Smartless. Enjoying it, as usual, but too tired.

    Leaving another umbrella photo, 2:30AM wouldn’t be the same without it.


    Not over with the umbrellas

    Still a few more in the bag. I warned you there were plenty of them…

    See you tomorrow!


    Before I go

    3AM, will try to sleep now. Just one more for the road.

    I’ll be right back.


    Ok then…

    Days are just coming and going, they’re all exactly the same. No real news to share, so it’s time for another umbrella.

    Maybe tomorrow will be differ… What am I talking about ? It will be the same!


    Rainbow Power

    Lockdown in place, dreaming of the time when we could stroll our lives away.


    Back There

    The hunt for the umbrellas was on, and they were everywhere!

    All I could see by now.


    All Packed

    This one felt appropriate for today.

    All photos have been edited, packed and WeTransfered to their destinations. Almost 40000 photos seen, around 5000 sent. It’s been going on since last year, but it’s finally done. Yay!

    Maybe time for a beer!


    The Beginning and The End

    Sometimes things fall into place, unexpectedly. You’re going for a particular shot and, out the corner of your eye, a little extra shows up.

    I was lucky.


    The Umbrella Issue

    The umbrellas quickly became one of the things that started showing up on the photos when I browsed through the day’s catch in the evening. They were ever-present.

    I had a couple of other ideas before setting foot on the island, but this one took over.


    Walking, always walking

    We spent most of our time in the old part of town, the casinos were not part of the plan. We’d go back to Taipa for the night, but Macau is where we’d be for the day.


    Worst Beach Ever

    It was probably the worst beach I’ve ever been to. But I never thought I’d find a beach in Macau, and it felt great to visit. I ended up loving that beach, in the middle of the urban chaos of the city.

    And I was there with my brother.


    Taxi Line Dancer

    As soon as I left the Hong Kong - Macau ferry, while waiting for my brother to show up. We were meeting after months without seeing him, on the other side of the world.


    Tattoo Day

    We were working on a joint exhibition. My brother would show his drawings, and I was using the trip to get a few photos for that show.

    It fell through in the end, but we had a wonderful time walking the streets and talking. Longest time we spent together in years.



    That one time I flew to Macau to meet my brother.

    The city had been on my radar for decades (at a time I even thought about emigrating there) but somehow never even visited until my brother asked me to come.

    Longer post coming later on, but bSides is back on!