🇲🇴 Another trip down Macau lane, while looking for something else…

    A t-shirt with “crazy 9”.

    A pig costume.

    Scooters and a bus.

    A man sleeps while sitting at a restaurant table.

    A man shovels sand.

    A girl writes in a pad.

    A lonely fish in a tank.

    Cups in a vending machine.

    🇲🇴 As the rain keeps falling down today, I asked the timeMachine to pick a sunny day from the past. Macau is what came up…

    A woman walks across a street, shielding her eyes from the sun. Yellow building in the back.

    Macanese Beach Day

    Not the most inviting water, or sand, or weather.

    A person stands close to the water with a blue umbrella. The sand on the beach is black.

    You get what you can, I guess.

    🇲🇴 🏖️

    Speaking about Townscaper reminded me of this one…

    Back in Macau, looking up.

    Yup, Two!

    Would go back in a heartbeat, even though it’s not first in line, or second. But had an amazing time with my brother there, and that was the last time I travelled with him.

    Macau Memories

    With time on our hands until tinyMovieStar has to be picked up, I’m back posting on bSides.

    Maybe I even have time for two!

    Light Them Up

    Time to go. See you tomorrow.


    Back to Macau, this time without an umbrella. I’m not done yet, just taking a break 😊

    The umbrellas will be back!

    🇲🇴 🛒

    Yes, Still…

    You didn’t think we were done with the umbrellas, did you ?

    Totoro lovers, unite!


    Me. Today.

    energyLevel = -35

    Thankfully we’re not allowed to go out and sit at restaurants, or this would probably be my current situation.


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