A mix that reminds you, no amount of architectural, infrastructural, and urban brutality can strip humans of their soulfulness and natural generosity.

🔗 Walking the World: Hanoi (part 1) - by Chris Arnade

kalsarikännit, which translates as “pantsdrunk,” refers to the practice of binge drinking home alone in your underpants

🔗 The grim reason why Finland is the “happiest” place on Earth.

The streak of shitty movies is over. What a GREAT movie. Amazing acting, soundtrack, directing, photography, … Boy, I missed a good western, and this was incredibly satisfying.

🔗 ‎‘The Harder They Fall’


Where does that leave the tourist industry around Lake Toiletbrush? Down in the dumps, is where.

🔗 Lake Toiletbrush and the Curse of Ikea’s Product Names

Software, even buggy software, has changed the world. Software, even software you don’t like, has inspired, and enabled, has been a life changing experience to someone.

🔗 A Love Letter to Software - DEV Community

The places inspiring your return to travel.

🔗 The Best Countries in the World: 2021 Readers' Choice Awards | Condé Nast Traveler

Fastmail and 1Password have teamed up to make it easy for you to create and manage unique email addresses while signing up for services online.

🔗 Fastmail: feel good about your email

Two of my most used services decided to tie the knot…

Get vaccinated. Fuck.

🔗 Oh My Fucking God, Get the Fucking Vaccine Already, You Fucking Fucks - McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

This is called marketing. A little romance with your sales pitch.

🔗 Scripting News: An EZ-Pass for news

where privacy is afforded, it is afforded by the grace of inefficiency.

🔗 Why Were Daniel Hale’s Leaked Drone Wars Documents Ignored?

Eco-consumerism may expiate your guilt. But it’s only mass movements that have the power to alter the trajectory of the climate crisis.

🔗 Neoliberalism has conned us into fighting climate change as individuals | Martin Lukacs | The Guardian

I know bookmarklets are an old-school web nerd thing, but I have a few I use frequently

🔗 Daring Fireball: Regarding the Safari 15 Public Betas for Mac and iOS

Just used one to post this!
I might hate the new Safari already, without even trying it.

Beebo Russell loved Jesus, craft beer, and cargo shorts. He was not the kind of man you’d peg for grand-theft airplane.

🔗 The Sky Thief: Beebo Russell’s Last Flight - Rolling Stone

I literally hold my breath when shampooing my hair, and laundry is a terrible experience. Even fresh-cut grass is terrible

🔗 Covid Survivors Smell Foods Differently - The New York Times

consuming four or five eight-ounce cups of coffee (or about 400 milligrams of caffeine) a day has been associated with reduced death rates.

🔗 The Health Benefits of Coffee - The New York Times

I will live FOREVER!! ☕️

they became known as the Slave Islands where West Africans were gathered in their thousands and shipped to work plantations in such colonies as Portuguese Brazil.

🔗 The Portuguese Colonization of São Tomé and Principe

The dark past of the islands.

What do lots of people want from their phone? A cool look, simplicity, longer battery life, low costs for the device and internet surfing, and better resistance to our clumsiness.

🔗 Tech Forgets About the Needs of the 99% - The New York Times

There is no worldview so dangerous as the worldview of those who have not viewed the world.

🔗 Can Travel Be Fun Again? - The New York Times

If you are in search of a no-cost photo editing app for your iPhone, Android, or tablet — this is it.

🔗 The Best Free Photo Editing Apps in 2021 | PetaPixel

For you, @ohBananaJoe, if you’re still thinking about this…

change their names, ate thousands of dollars’ worth of sushi, and then changed their names back.

🔗 Taiwan’s punishing work culture is forcing young people to game the system - Rest of World

As long as the pandemic persists, we will all need to be flexible and solicitous of those around us, and we will all need to wear a mask in certain situations.

🔗 Mask Mandates Will Come and Go and Come Again

That is one more reason why Belarus’s devilish gambit should lead to stiff punishment: The law is little protection, so if norms go, there won’t be anything left.

🔗 How the Belarus-Ryanair Incident Changed the World

It’s rare to go one day without a mass shooting in America.

🔗 Every mass shooting in the US – a visual database | The Guardian

It’s a sad, LONG, page 😢

all of them hark back to an era when millions of people sat, at set times, to watch specific programmes.

🔗 Old and long-abandoned Japanese televisions — Tokyo Times

people with a low profile and just a few followers often become targets for abuse after tweeting about controversial subjects, because harassers might search for specific terms or hashtags

🔗 How to Filter Twitter Trolls With Block Party

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