Done with the text (I’m almost positive), and about to dive into the hundreds of photos from HK.

    A woman walks across the photo. In the background, and on the street, Chinese characters are written

    I will probably leave that for tomorrow. It’s too late, I’m too tired.


    Miss the Convenience

    looking up to a 7-Eleven sign with a dusk sky above, in blue tones

    Still none of these around here. Sadly.


    City Mess

    It was messy, hot, noisy, chaotic. Loved it!

    Hong Kong skyline, hundreds of tall buildings on both sides of a river

    looking down from the top of a tall building, you can see a football pitch in the middle of the huge city mess


    Slow Down

    urban landscape, lots of high rise buildings in the background, “slow” written on the pavement



    Old School Hong Kong


    It’s On!

    👾 🇭🇰

    HK street art. I think I’ll get a few of these and put them together on a separate page… I’ve been drawn to street art forever, I might as well do something with all the photos…

    👾 🇭🇰

    One of the older projects is still going strong.

    🌴 🇭🇰

    Let me think about it…



    📷 🇭🇰

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