Classic Hello Kitty for today.

Hello Kitty plush toy, holding a heart. The words β€œTofu Cute” behind her.

πŸ’– My favorite Hello Kitty in the world…

A woman covering her face with a small Hello Kitty towel.

At the time we thought about getting this one for our captain cousin, but didn’t in the end.

An Hello Kitty shirt, with Hello Kitty flying an airplane. It’s on sale, Β₯1000.

It was pretty cheap too!

Squeaky Clean

A bottle of Hello Kitty hand sanitizer.

Super high speed Hello Kitty.

A poster ad for Hello Kitty Shinkansen, an Hello Kitty themed train in Japan.

Kawaii bullet train, how much better can it get?

Some umbrellas are just cooler than others!

Two women look away from us, looking at a metropolis skyline. Both have umbrellas, one of these has Hello Kitty on it.

Old school, analog, Hello Kitty.

A wall of disposable cameras. In there, somewhere, there’s one with Hello Kitty branding.

A bit like myself today, past our prime. It’s not all glamour in Hello Kitty’s life πŸ™‚

A very dirty window with a sticker of Hello Kitty, her name on top, and β€œDIESEL” below.

Memories… memories… 16GB worth of memories.

A hand holds an Hello Kitty shaped USB thumb drive in a box.

Whenever it’s “Go Time”, Hello Kitty joins us for the ride.

An Hello Kitty wearing a kimono luggage tag, strapped to a black backpack.

Break for Kitty

After yesterday’s rougher post, I thought it would be a good idea to get back to normal.

A man sits on a bench, smiling, with Hello Kitty, who’s wearing a kimono.

Here I am, with my dear friend Hello Kitty.

Not all of them are from far away places, Hello Kitty is also found really close to home.

A car with Hello Kitty car seat covers, with people walking by.

Speeding along…

I have absolutely no idea what these are called in English, but it’s a coin operated car, that rocks back and forth for a while. There an Hello Kitty riding along.

So… what should I do with the extra time, while movieStar is out with her friends… maybe an extra sticker? One more Hello Kitty series photo?? Both?

Very Day Hello Kitty Love

A tuk tuk driver with his back to us, and a blue helmet in the foreground, the word β€œvery say hello Kitty love” written on it

😻 Yeah, I’m serious about this whole Hello Kitty business!

Looking down on a gloved hand, with an Hello Kitty tattoo on the wrist

🍩 Yummy Kitty

One of my favorite Hello Kitty ever!

A white chocolate Hello Kitty doughnut

A fresh take on the whole copyright infringement situation.

A hand holds a mini fan that looks like Hello Kitty

Much nicer than the one Rolls Royce has, as far as I’m concerned.

Hello Kitty toy as a hood ornament.

One of the most counterfeited characters, I’m sure. Here spotted in one of the counterfeiting capitals of the world.

a jacket with an Hello Kitty print, hanging in a shop rack

Matryoshka Kitty

I’m slowing down right after this one, but I’ve been digging in the archive, and it’s one after another.

A hand holding a pair of pink shades, and a pink matryoshka doll with Hello Kitty painted on it

So many of these throughout the years!

One of many musical Hello Kitty you can find, and the guitar I’d like to own, if I knew how to play the guitar.

a pink guitar with Hello Kitty on it

Hello, Hello Kitty

Triggered by a conversation I had on Mastodon, I’m starting a new category on Stuff with Hello Kitty I find all over the place.

A car with a Hello Kitty shade for kids

It’s been a passion of mine forever, and plenty of photos so far. Hope you enjoy this one.

Kitty Poker anyone?

a hand holding five playing cards, with a Hello Kitty design in the back

As cool as they come! 😻

a hello kitty sneaker

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