See You Soon

    A week later we’re back on the road. Tomorrow we’re leaving our friends behind, and moving on.

    A group of people have a picnic

    We had the most wonderful time, attended a ton of concerts, and had yummy food and drinks.

    There isn’t a better group of people in the world. We will miss them.


    Best show of the festival. He had us crying.

    Amazing performance by The Legendary Tigerman.

    The Man

    Plenty more later, I’m sure.

    Musician sitting close to the amps.

    DayTwo, the Bass

    Another day is done. A photo of a bass, two of one of the bass players (because they’re the coolest), and that’s about it.

    A bass with bokeh

    Cool dude, pink shirt. Shades.

    Cool dude playing the bass

    It’s too late, going to bed.

    A singer kneeling on stage

    The Gang

    A group of people stands in front of the Roman bridge in Chaves

    The little ones were left out of this one, but here we are. The group that made the trip to the festival.

    N2 2022, DayOne

    It was a long, hot, day. And I’m not particularly proud of any of the photos from yesterday. Still trying to find my way around the lights.


    Toddler sleeping on the hotel room’s floor

    tinyMovieStar kinda woke up, tried following mom into the bathroom, and just gave up. The room is not even THAT big, but she couldn’t make it all the way… Sleeping like this for a while now 🤣🤘🏼

    Shine Bright

    A pair of flashy flip flops

    Day One underway.

    My Commute

    A man crosses a river, stepping on small stones

    Eating and sleeping on one side of the river, concerts take place on the other one.

    Full disclosure: this is not the only way to cross 🙂

    A Tradition is Born

    Chaves, the city where we are right now, is the place where tinyMovieStar was conceived. She is from here.

    We came back last year, as there was no festival in 2020, and again this one.



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