Dreaming… Hallucinating…

    A man’s legs and feet in the foreground, and a postcard view in the background, with palm trees, the ocean, and a wooden pier

    Lying in bed, looking down at my covered legs and feet, picturing this instead.

    🇰🇭 🏝️

    Daydreaming Again

    Throwback to a very fun afternoon.

    A group of drunk men enjoying some karaoke.

    Beer (lots of it), beach, karaoke. How could that go wrong?

    🇰🇭 🍺

    Not sure when, or if, we’ll ever go back, but it’s good to read about friends who are walking these same streets right now, and be able to visit this way.

    city scene, tuk tuk, bicycles, and people going about

    🇰🇭 🚲


    a beach view, tropical, with two boats on the water

    Same beach, different mood.


    Love Beach

    Now is probably not the time to think about this, but can’t help it.

    a beach somewhere, with a couple of hearts drawn in the sand

    We just came back from vacation, but vacation is what we need.


    Another day, another country. We stopped in Cambodia, and this is how it went.
    theAmazingHoneymoon goes on……


    It’s been a while since I posted a bSide, so here goes…

    While waiting for the time to pick tinyMovieStar up from kindergarten, hoping she didn’t get anything!

    🇰🇭 ⏰

    Pack Your Bags

    Not so long ago, when we could go places and meet people.

    It’s taking too long.

    💛 🇰🇭

    Still rainy around here, still dreaming of sunshine and beach…


    If this heat is here to stay, we could at least be somewhere else…

    🌴 🇰🇭

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