🪑 A pair of #beSeated photos.

    A small, weathered, blue-painted shed with a closed door. An old chair with a cushion is placed against the wall beside the door. A wooden fence and a lemon tree are visible in the background under a clear blue sky.

    A small, weathered concrete building with a corrugated metal roof is shown. The structure has two doors; the left door is rusted and the right door is painted light blue with some rust spots. A broken wooden chair.

    🪑 Moura #beSeated

    I should be using one of these, as I sprained my ankle yesterday. I half expected it to be perfect after some rest, but know I’ll have to take it easier today.

    The image shows an outdoor urban scene with a beige armchair placed on a flatbed truck. There is a transparent plastic bag on the truck bed in front of the chair. Surrounding the scene are white buildings with balconies and air conditioning units.

    🪑 Yesterday’s #beSeated

    A brown vintage chair with metal armrests is placed against a wall with intricate, ornate tile patterns. The foreground features a stone banister and the floor appears to be made of terrazzo. The scene is warmly lit, creating a nostalgic atmosphere.

    A nearly empty room with rows of black chairs arranged facing forward. On the back wall, there is a framed map hanging between two air conditioning units. The floor is wooden, and the walls are white.

    🪑 On the way back to the city.

    In the meantime we’ve been rammed by one of the caravan’s cars, had a wonderful lunch, and worked a bit.

    A dimly lit, abandoned room with a dark, rocky wall and exposed wooden roof beams. An empty black office chair sits in the center. There is a yellow metal ladder on the left and a pile of broken-down cardboard boxes and debris on the

    An outdoor area with a corrugated metal roof supported by rusted poles. The walls are white with visible wear and cracks. There are two windows and a green door. An old, brown chair is positioned near one wall. The concrete floor has stains.

    🪑 The Royal Palace #beSeated

    A wall decorated with ornate green and beige patterned tiles, with a prominent decorative tile featuring blue and yellow tones in the center. In front of the wall, there are five wicker armchairs with beige cushions.

    🪑 That office vibe…

    A dimly lit interior with a classic wooden chair on the right and a framed painting of a nude figure hanging on the wall to the left.

    🪑 So many photos still left to check, from the thousands shot last month.

    An outdoor setting with a white plastic chair next to a table against a wall with a mural of oversized vegetables. Strong shadows indicate sunny weather.

    In between work stuff, still managed to get some personal ones. This one belongs to beSeated, a long running series.

    🪑 lonelyBoy

    A dimly lit room with a silhouette of a person standing in the center, facing a well-lit white wall with doors and plants to the sides. Tables and chairs are arranged in the background.

    🪑 A cute, very vintage, #beSeated couple. movieStar saw it yesterday, sent a photo, and we walked by again a little later. I believe we’re also a cute, almost vintage, couple…

    Two vintage red chairs set against a tiled wall featuring a colorful pattern of ceramic tiles, with a glimpse of a stylish interior through a window to the left.

    🪑 #beSeated X2

    A vibrant red armchair on a red carpet, surrounded by decorated Christmas trees and a red postal box.

    A bronze sculpture of an armchair and books on a stone pedestal, set in a park with green grass and trees in the background. There are pigeons on the ground nearby.

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