🇺🇸 Jonathan is leaving for the US in a few minutes. tinyMovieStar will be very sad when she wakes up and finds out he’s not here anymore. We will all be a little sad today, in fact. But we have a party later!

    🇺🇸 Jonathan is visiting from the US, we’re all thrilled to have him around for a couple of days. Dinner today, and we’re giving him a ride tomorrow afternoon. tinyMovieStar was STOKED!

    🇺🇸 It was bound to happen…

    After a couple of sticker sightings, we should have seen it coming: the invasion has begun!

    A motorcycle with NY license plates.

    🇺🇸 Happy birthday, friends from over there. Enjoy the day, and get your act together. Thank you.

    Happy 4th of July

    To all of you across the proverbial pond 🇺🇸

    Welcome to Texas, … Italy?!?

    🇺🇸 🍕 🇮🇹

    Congratulations 🇺🇸

    🇺🇸 Biden! ✊🏼

    Cliché, but true. Felt like being in a movie. Or several movies, all of them crazy. Las Vegas.

    🌴 🇺🇸

    Done a few trips on roads, but this was the one that could have been THE road trip. It only lasted 24hrs, but it was on the 66.

    🎱 🇺🇸

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