This is a project that I still enjoy, but I have to find an alternative to the current situation.

At the moment it’s working perfectly, in the sense that it’s impossible to have an easier workflow, and the result exactly as I wish.

The photos are saved to a folder on Dropbox, directly from Lightroom, and that’s about it.

In the background, with no intervention from me, Blot picks up those photos, adds them to the blog. The blog’s RSS feed is fed into, and that has a couple of effects: it’s shown on my M.b account (and M.b’s timeline), and crossposted to my Mastodon account. IFTTT also picks up the feed, and posts it to a dedicated Twitter account.

So, recap, a simple save to Dropbox gets the wheels spinning, and the photo shows up on a blog, on M.b, Mastodon, and Twitter. And I still get a folder (Dropbox) with all the photos.

Problem: the blot subscription, one I’d love to cancel. There are just too many subscriptions and, while not the most expensive one, this is a time to start paying less.

I’m looking for an alternative. I’m aware I won’t find an easier one, but would love to come close to that, for free, or nearly free.

The account is shutting down on December 8th. That’s my deadline to have it set up, or just give up.

The ideal solution would be a free blogging host that’s as good as blot. Not going to happen.

Second best, Adam gets’s weblog feature up and running by then. Probably not happening as well.

I could also set up another Mastodon account and have that as blog. Feed it into M.b, moa would do the rest. Easy, but I would miss having and actual blog.

What else could I go for?