Was that a year? A month? Two years?

I cannot recall what I did this year.

I know I spent most of the time trying to keep both movieStars happy, that’s my main occupation now. Happy to do it too… Most of it spent taking care of tinyMovieStar. Watching her grow into a copy of her mom. A beautiful, curious, intelligent woman.

Worked a little, but not too much.

Saw my friends a few times, but not nearly enough.

Spent some time with my parents, again not nearly enough.

We didn’t leave the city a lot, but managed to travel a little in the country.

We went to Chaves for the yearly reunion with our friends, and that was awesome.

Spent some time in the Algarve. It was brilliant.

It was a great year. Or two.

Here’s to 2022! 🌟