It’s been a great, amazing, sweet, exciting, and busy, week.

We’ve been spending these past days at Chaves, the greatest little city in the country, enjoying the N2 music festival but, above all, spending time with the most amazing group of people one can imagine.

The kids, as they are all kids, who get this show going are the most creative bunch we know. Living far from the big cities they have their work cut out for them, and work much harder than anyone else I have had the pleasure of meeting.

Being invited to come up here was something I never saw coming, and my life would be very different without them. I was surprised at first and thrilled ever since.

They have spent the past two years setting up this edition of the festival, unable to do it last year, unsure about it this time. And yet it happened. And what a show it was!

Being able to watch a live show is a great feeling, one that we couldn’t have for a while now. Having the opportunity to do this together with such a great group is even better.
Witnessing their work, and how it comes alive, is humbling and a chance to see perseverance at play. A learning moment for me.

I also missed shooting concerts, and that was awesome too.

movieStar didn’t get the chance to attend a lot of them, as the little one needs her naps, and meal times, and regular, and early, sleep. I’m sorry for that. It was the only negative thing about the whole thing, not being able to spend more time with her.

Hopefully we’ll come again, next year, and many times after that. For us it feels like visiting the family, with a festival thrown in for good measure. But we would be here anyway, even with no music. We’d be here for the love.