Almost fully recovered, today was movieStar’s turn, her first shot. She got a ticket to Pfizer Team.

I stayed home with the tiny one, and were joined by our amazing babysitter, Mia. They are getting along brilliantly, which is great. Being a covid-baby is not easy, spending so much time with mom & dad, everyone else is a stranger. But these two are close to best friends already.

The line at the vaccination place was tiny today, so movieStar was in and out in no time, and we met her in the square, for a snack.

The little one is a (HUGE) fan of eggs, so she had that, scrambled, with a big bowl of chickpea soup. Add a slice of toast, and she’s in heaven.

We had time for a beer, and then she was getting sleepy, and so was mom, so we headed home.

They’re both sleeping now.

Tomorrow I was supposed to have an assignment, but it’s been postponed. Covid was the reason why jobs were being cancelled up to now, but the vaccine side-effects are now to blame! My colleague has a fever and she’s in no condition to work tomorrow.
Shame, but it is what it is. I certainly know how that feels!

In two days we’re leaving, going north, for a couple of days. It’ll be a weekend of fun, work, meeting friends, and having amazing food.