Covid has been with us for such a long time it’s almost hard to remember how life was before it.
tinyMovieStar was born, and it’s impossible to fathom life without her.
Work is something I can only vaguely remember.

And it’s been my first year on I came here looking for something, a technical solution for a blog I wanted to have, and found SO much more than that. The blog is there, but so are the people who make this such a special place.

I found a welcoming community, one that has taught me a lot about an endless number of interests they have, one that has supported me during a time when physical contact with my friends has been down to zero, or close to that.

I’ve been sharing a lot more than I thought I would, about our daily life and our past one, and I hope to stay here for a long time, doing the same thing. I can’t imagine not doing it anymore.

To the amazing team at M.b, and every single one of the people who are part of this community, a huge, and heartfelt, thank you. You truly make my life better.